Developing, enhancing and promoting expertise

By joining Meritis, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of Meritis beyond your client mission.

Take part in a collective project aimed at sharing your knowledge, promoting Meritis’ expertise both internally and externally, or simply meet other consultants in your areas of expertise.

Discover the opportunities available to you through our technical office and competence centers by joining Meritis.

A core group of 5 experts

The Expertise Department is made up of a core of 5 experts, Meritis consultants, and enables us to stay one step ahead of Meritis’ strategic orientations, both in terms of technological and business choices.

Each of them has targeted skills in one of the 5 key areas:

Abdelwahab Touil

Cloud & Infra
Gaël Dupire

Software Engineering
Gaëtan Eleouet

Cyril Dupouey

Projects, Products & Program
Foucault Dupleix


Practices bring together consultants who want to invest in the Group over and above their customer assignments.

Meritis gives every employee the opportunity to think outside the box and actively contribute to the company’s development. By becoming a contributor, consultants take part in a collective community project alongside the various Meritis departments: sales, HR, marketing and communications.

16 Practices

Today, there are 16 practices (Languages, Craftsmanship, Tech Lead, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Agility, Data Science, Financial Markets, MOA etc.), each led by a manager.

Why become a contributor ?

  • Share best practices and technology intelligence between consultants
  • Showcase your expertise and take part in a community project
  • Become a contributor and develop your skills
  • Take part in cross-functional missions alongside other departments (sales, HR, marketing and communications)
  • Receive remuneration for assignments carried out

Gaël Dupire

Gaël Dupire – Senior Developer and Cloud Community Manager

Gaël began his career as a Software Consultant before becoming Senior Software Development Engineer at Société Générale (SGCIB) and then at Meritis 10 years ago.

Gaël is a graduate of the UTC (Doctorate in Applied Mathematics).

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Gaëtan Eleouet

Gaëtan Eleouet – Senior Developer / Tech lead and Software Engineering Community Manager

Gaëtan started out working on graphical interfaces in Java in industry, then in rapid development on the trading floor. He consolidated the professional aspects of development in major financial groups. He now also teaches in engineering schools. He describes himself as a Senior Software Engineer, Craftsman.

Gaëtan is a graduate of ENSEEIHT (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics).

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Abdel Touil

Abdelwahab Touil

Abdelwahab Touil – Senior Data & Cloud engineer and Big Data Community Manager

Abdelwahab began his career with an insurance software company, where he worked on health insurance projects as a Data Miner and then Architect. Fascinated by the world of data and artificial intelligence algorithms, he started the Specialized Master in Big Data (NoSQL, machine learning, data viz, Spark, Hadoop…).

Abdelwahab is a graduate of the University of Poitiers and the University of Troyes (Master in

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Cyril Dupouey

Cyril Dupouey

Cyril Dupouey – MOA and Project Manager & Finance Community Manager

A former hedge fund trader who trained on the “Research & Strategies” desk in BNP Paribas’ Equity Derivaties trading room (Paris and London), Cyril has been supporting major Corporate and Investment Banks in their financial markets-related IT projects for over 10 years: SGCIB New York, Dexia Brussels, Natixis and CACIB.

For several years now, Cyril has also been actively involved in the ongoing training of Meritis consultants in financial market knowledge and practices.

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