Since the beginning of the digital era, application development practices and their uses have changed dramatically. The rise of the internet, the increase in the volumes of data being processed and changes in practices (agility, DevOps, etc.) have contributed to redefining how IS infrastructures are used. The Cloud is one response to these changes.

The benefits

The ability to meet customer demand is without doubt one of the main benefits for companies. For companies whose revenues largely depend on software, this means making it available on as large a scale as possible without being excessive.

The Cloud facilitates this scaling up thanks to tailored software architectures and infrastructures.

On top of this companies also need to deal with the sheer variability of demand,which is likely to put even the most robust infrastructure to the test (albeit temporarily). The Cloud offers the best level of flexibility.

Adapting also means providing new servies and new products as rapidly as possible in order to remian competitive. Time To Market considerations have also been transformed in the new digital world.

Our beliefs

Migrating to a Cloud infrastructure is not always easy. To succeed, certain requirements must be met:

  • the choice must be made in line with the company’s needs and resources, i.e. choosing the Cloud provider that best suits the company’s requirements. The cost, storage location, performance guarantees, availability, integrity and so forth are all factors that must be taken into consideration. These choices must be made in line with the company’s needs and resources, as well as the law.
  • A partner who really listens: we believe that to best help our customers, we must first listen to them. We are committed to creating study phases to take these parameters into account thanks to people whose skills are recognised by the main Cloud providers.
  • Anticipating changes in practices: migrations to the Cloud and daily uses must be accompanied by changes in practice with regard to the design and deployment of applications and data management. A wide range of tools are available even though they sometimes depend on the suppliers themselves.
  • Protecting personal data : we believe that every collaborator must be knowledgeable about data protection laws and regulations to best support our customers. Naturally, we support any collaborators who are keen to improve their knowledge of the technologies made available by the major cloud providers.

Our support

  1. MigrationOur Cloud migration services include a systems, IS architecture and Data audit
  2. DevOpsDevOps practices for the Cloud

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