Connection and recognition

At Meritis, we encourage initiative at all levels to foster links between us. These links are essential because they develop a sense of belonging and take into account the deep human aspect of our business. At Meritis, a collaborator is someone who enriches others.

In fact, we organise a range of informal and fun events (after-work events, games, etc.) to foster ties between us whether it is to congratulate a colleague or celebrate a special event.

In all cases, any successes of Meritis are considered successes of everyone.

Technical events

In addition to our continuous training program, which is at the heart of the company’s approach, Meritis regularly hosts Meetups, as well as organising its own technical conferences and coding competitions!


Social networking evenings focus on one or several common areas of expertise and interests.

AWS, Paris Women in Machine Learning, Kubernetes and Azure, Couchbase (building microservices for an hybrid cloud strategy), Cloudera, etc.

Did you miss them? Check out all our Meetups on our YouTube channel!

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These conferences, combining theory and practice in specific subjects, are organised by Meritis experts who are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and best practices.

“Agility, Volcker and FBL regulations”, “Software Craftmanship”, “End-to-end REST API testing with Serenity Framework”, “Designing and implementing microservices in Java with Spring Boot and Docker”, etc.

Check out our Merimeetings on our YouTube channel!

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Coding contest

Battle Dev, CodinGame Contest, Google Hash Code, etc.

Every year, Meritis takes part in several not-to-be-missed competitions for developers.

Since 2020, Meritis has been organising its own “Clash of Codes” competitions!

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These programming exercises enable programmers to improve their skills in specific areas.

They are led by Gaëtan Eleouet, a Meritis consultant, and are open to everyone!

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Training, Mentoring, Certification, e-learning, etc.

Continuous professional training is an essential component of Meritis’ approach, and is part of our collaborators’ daily life.

This is why our communities contribute to the recruitment and development of experienced profiles.

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Major Meritis events

  • Annual evening event: every year, all Meritis colleagues get together to celebrate successes and spend a pleasant and relaxed evening together.
  • Seminars & Team-building: we organise teambuilding events and seminars to strengthen our teams.
  • Lunches and after-work events: lunches with our consultants are organized monthly, and after-work events every six months.
  • “No secrets between us”: transparent discussions are held between the Management and collaborators on topics of their choice.
  • Sporting events: collaborators take part in several charity races and they can join Meritis clubs created on our in-house social network (football, basketball, etc.).

Life at Meritis is about :

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Training is an essential component of the Meritis approach


Our technological communities encourage experience sharing


Got an idea? Meritis encourages initiatives!


Let’s meet up for friendly get-together all year long