Gilles Duret


Gilles began his career in the chemical industry and at Canon France before joining a subsidiary of Alten in 1998. In 2002, he took over the management of two subsidiaries where he met Sébastien Videment with whom he founded Meritis in 2007. Today, Gilles is mostly in charge of developing Meritis’ headquarters in the Paris region.

Sébastien Videment


Sebastian started his career in 2003 as a business engineer at Cyber Group, a subsidiary of the Alten Group. He was promoted to Agency Manager and then Agency Director between 2003 and 2007. At Meritis, Sebastien is in charge of the company’s development in other regions of France, such as Sophia Antipolis, Aix en Provence, Nantes and Montpellier.

Sébastien is a graduate of ENSAM (Arts et Métiers PariTech).

Caroline Cabau

Associate Director

Meritis Technologies

Structuration & Delivery

Caroline has been working at Meritis for ten years, initially as a Business Engineer and then as the head of Meritis’ technology hub, and associate director. Today, she is Head of the Structuring and Delivery Department.

Caroline is a graduate of the Université Paris-Dauphine (Master’s in Investment Banking and Capital Markets).

Adrien Becker

Associate Director of Meritis Finance

Adrien joined Meritis 10 years ago as a Business Engineer before working his way up to Branch Manager and then Associate Director. He is also Head of the Finance Business Unit.

Adrien graduated from IESEG Lille (Master’s in Finance).

Eric Varache

HR director

Eric started his career at BHV (Galeries Lafayette Group) as a Human Resources Manager before being put in charge of Recruitment and Training at Hachette Livre. He then managed Human Resources and Communications at Cushman & Wakefield (architecture and engineering construction projects) before taking charge of Human Resources at the ABILWAYS Group.

Eric is a graduate of CIFFOP, Paris Assas (Law & Economics)

Marie Jacquot

Deputy Director of Human Resources

Marie began her career at Meritis in 2013 as a recruitment officer. In 2016, she was appointed Human Resources Manager of Meritis Finance and then the Group’s HR Director.

Marie is a graduate of the School of Practical Psychologists and from the University of Saint Andrews (Master’s in HR Management).

Cyrille Deliry

Administrative and Financial Director

Cyrille began his career as a Financial Controller at Thales before becoming a restructuring consultant at Akeance Consulting and then Manager in “Evaluation/Transaction services” at Sorgem Evaluation. In 2015, he was the Financial Director of YellowKorner before joining Meritis in 2019.

Cyrille graduated from the Université Paris-Dauphine (Business Finance & Financial Engineering)

Marion Ferracci

Marketing and Communications Manager

Marion started her career in Organisation and Change Management Consulting at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She then held the position of Marketing Manager and then Marketing Director within various structures (Renault, Ubisoft, Abilways) before joining Meritis in 2019.

Marion graduated from HEC Paris.

Hervé Arnaud

IT Director

Hervé has 20 years of experience in information systems including over 10 years as an IT Manager/Director. He worked overseas for ten years, mainly in the United States for Brinks, in Asia for Saint-Gobain and in Africa for Rougier.

Hervé is a graduate of ESIEE and HEC Paris (Executive MBA).

Hervé Michelland

Information Systems Security Manager

Hervé started his career as a security consultant at Symantec and then Aéqualis. He then joined Orange Portail where he built a security team over four years. He worked as an Information Systems Security Manager in the Nice Côté d’Azur area before working as a freelance security consultant for five years. He joined Meritis in 2020.

Hervé is a graduate of ENSIAME Valenciennes.

Lisa A.

Director of Data/AI Programmes

Lisa has more than 15 years of IT experience. After starting her career as a Lead Tech/Project Manager in Germany, she became a Senior Digital Project Manager for the Publicis Group. She then worked as a Senior Data Scientist & Agile Project Manager for four years in the Israeli high-tech industry at Matrix. She joined Meritis in 2020.

Lisa is a graduate of ENS and the Ecole Polytechnique (PhD in Computer Science).

The Technical Board

The Technical Board is composed of a core group of five experts whose role is to:

  • advise the Management on the strategic orientations based on their expertise
  • create and coordinate the activity of the Competence Centres

Gaëtan Eleouet

Senior Developer / Tech Lead and Software Engineering Community Manager

Gaëtan started his career working on graphical interfaces in Java in the industry and then in trading rooms where he consolidated the professional aspects of development for large financial groups. He now teaches at an engineering school and likes to call himself a ‘Senior Software Engineer – and Craftsman’.

Gaëtan is a graduate of ENSEEIHT (Computer Science and Applied Mathematics).

Loïc Veyssière

Machine Learning Engineer and Innovative Projects Manager

Loïc started his career at Intel doing research on intensive supercomputer computations. He then developed machine learning solutions in various fields, such as IoT and risk estimation in insurance before joining Meritis. Now, he enjoys understanding and building data-driven software architectures.

Loïc is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Lille and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Mathematical Engineering).

Abdelwahab Touil

Senior Data & Cloud Engineer and Big Data Community Manager

Abdelwahab started his career at an insurance software company where he worked on health insurance projects as a data miner and then as an architect. Passionate about the world of data and artificial intelligence algorithms, he completed a specialised Master’s degree on Big Data (NoSQL, machine learning, data viz, Spark, Hadoop, etc.).

Abdelwahab graduated from the Université de Poitier and the Université de Troyes (Master’s in Business Intelligence and Master’s in Big Data).

Jérémie Abensour

Project Manager for PNL/Market Risk/Collateral and Finance Community Manager

Jérémie started as a quantitative analyst before working as a sell-side FO consultant. He has expertise in product valuation and market risk.

Jérémie is a graduate of ETSP and has a master in finance from the Paris Dauphine University.

Gaël Dupire

Senior Developer and Cloud Community Manager

Gaël started his career as a Software Consultant before becoming a Senior Software Development Engineer at Société Générale (SGCIB). He joined Meritis ten years ago.

Gaël is a graduate of the UTC (University of Technology -Doctorate in Applied Mathematics).