The benefits

In an ever changing technological and regulatory environment, there are no shortage of challenges:

  1. Modernising the architecture of increasingly complex information systems
  2. The need to roll out projects in ever shorter times
  3. The ability to collect requirements in an accurate and formalised manner
  4. Gains in productivity and competitiveness through integrating the latest technologies, such as Machine Learning, Big DATA andArtificial Intelligence
  5. Compliance with ever more demanding regulations: Kid, MIFID2,EMIR, Dodd Frank, Fatca and FRTB
  6. Setting up risk-assessment models to evaluate market risk, credit risk and complex counterparty risk

In order to respond to these new challenges in a meaningful manner, we match our customers with experts who have already successfully completed projects in each of their areas of expertise.

Our beliefs

Today, technology is omnipresent in banking information systems. In one decade, the digital transformation of banking departments has become pivotal and the focus of large corporate and institutional banks.

To meet the new demands of their customers and the growing number of regulatory constraints, large financial institutions have no alternative but to invest heavily in their IT infrastructure.

Low latency order passing, algorithmic trading, trading platforms, sophisticated software integration, efficient STP chains, MIFID2 and FRTB are just some of the technology challenges facing the IT departments of major banks.

Méritis provides its customers with teams of functional and technical experts to address these many challenges.

Our methodology

  1. Being AgileWe are convinced that agile methods and practices ensure that ideas can be tested and solutions delivered quickly.
    We want to go even further with our multidisciplinary teams by integrating agility from the very start of an idea through to the prototype stage to solve the most impactful problems through agility and crafts-wo-manship.
  2. SteeringProject management combined with change management makes it possible to secure both the project and all of its impacts on the organisation.

    We help you create and follow a roadmap, and identify the resources to control your projects (via the three levers that are your teams), processes and tools in order to deploy the very best methodologies and mitigate the risks.
  3. DeliveryDelivery mangement is the successful completion of the project. There’s no question of missing this last step!

    In this context, all our collaborators are committed to:
    • being the sole point of contact for all the teams involved in the project
    • increasing the level of customer satisfaction by providing regular feedback.
    • Overseeing SLAs and service KPIs via steering committees.
    • Creating and monitoring action plans to deliver the level of the target service.
    • Identifying best practices and striving for the continuous improvement of process efficiency.

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Head of Purchasing ATG SGCIB

Meritis presented a very agressive offer and successfully managed to make its mark. Feedback from the operational teams is very positive, plus there’s good follow-up from the consultants and a very good ability to respond to needs. I like working with Meritis. They listen, are responsive and come up with solutions.