IT consulting, management and development: Meritis supports you from the beginning to the end of your project.

We support our clients throughout the entire value chain of their digital transformation using a proven methodology:

Audits & Personalised guidance

Project management

Developing applications

Our consulting vision

We see the digital revolution as a strategic and human challenge for our companies.

At Meritis, our mission is to contribute to giving our companies a head start by matching them with the best talents for their digital transformation. We combine a strategic vision of the business with the expertise of our talents across the entire value chain.

High standards, humility, care and proximity: these four values guide us and contribute to creating a dynamic of progress and excellence that is shared by our clients and collaborators.

Our 3 modes of assistance

Your needs are our priority and that is why we adapt to your specific requirements by offering three types of assistance:


Unitary Technical Assistance (UTA): needs for a particular skill

Provision of an expert for a required skill


Grouped Technical Assistance (GTA) & Creation of a Service Centre

Provision of several Meritis experts in the requested area of expertise


Fixed-price support: Audit, Guidance, Consulting, Coaching, etc.

 A personalised approach with a Meritis team comprising all the necessary profiles

Our three areas of expertise





Our client commitments

Our goal is to provide you with the very best talents for your transformation projects

  • Field approach: meeting you in person to better understand your needs, and advise you on your choice of mission.
  • Commercial excellence: keeping our business engineers trained and knowledgeable about our clients’ professions and businesses, new project management technology and technological developments.
  • Transparency: mentioning any difficulties and sticking points noticed by our collaborators to best execute the given missions.
  • Close follow-up: organising a meeting every three months to discuss the missions; this is formalised in a personalised follow-up document.
  • Technological awareness: sharing information from our technological watch by giving you access to our expert events (MeetUps, Kata, Conferences, etc.)

Our commitments to our teams

Our demands: high potential “transformation doers”

Our HR vision: regular proximity and long-term support

  • Support: regular follow-ups orchestrated by a proven ecosystem
  • Training: more than 60% of our collaborators are trained each year
  • Expertise: Meritis has seven communities led by expert consultants who pass on their knowledge and experience
  • Development: individualised support regarding career development goals and real career prospects

They talk about us better than we do!

The score we obtained through a satisfaction survey on a population of more than 1000 client.

“Meritis provided us with a tailored offer and succeeded in developing its footprint. The feedback from the operational teams was very positive with good follow-up from the consultants and a very good ability to respond to needs. I really like working with Meritis. They listen, are responsive and provide solutions.”

Stéphane T.
Purchasing Manager in a large bank

The founders : a shared vision

After four years of working together in a large consulting group, Gilles DURET and Sébastien VIDEMENT soon realised that they shared a deep-seated conviction: high standards.

From this conviction came the ambition to create a structure centred around this value, i.e. demanding in terms of customer relations and operational execution, but also in terms of recruitment, follow-up and collaborators’ development.

Gilles DURET

“The strength of Meritis is that it has been able to maintain the same mindset. Since its creation, it has been a company with strong, clearly stated values that are shared by all its collaborators.”

Sébastien VIDEMENT

“Meritis is also a story of meritocracy: we believe that we deserve our clients, we deserve our collaborators, and we deserve to have a great story by working towards this. And you? Do you deserve Meritis?”

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