Deploy DevOps methods to automate, integrate and continuously deploy your expertise!

Do you want to reduce conflict between developers and systems administrators, ensure the quality and continuity of your IT department, shorten commercialisation lead times for your software products, or even launch new features more rapidly?

Meritis will help you implement DevOps methods within your teams, and is committed to INFUSING this approach through:

  • AUDITS (quality improvement plan) – We will audit your software building processes and methods
  • DEPLOYMENT (methods and tools) – We will automate your tests (strategy, design, implementation)
  • ORGANISATION (project management) – We will coordinate your Software Factory and DevOps Infra teams using Kaban, technical roadmaps, KPI monitoring, budget building, etc.
  • TRAINING(change management) – We will help your teams change their working practices, and draw up a detailed inventory of all the new resources and associated training options.

Our DevOps support offers

We offer our customers one-off missions (10/15 days), which include an audit and a delivery carried out by one of our experts.

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1 – Containerisation

Containerisation virtualises resources in a lightweight manner in order to isolate them via the operating system. These resources can then be easily moved from one system to another. This is a powerful application development accelerator.

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Continuous implementation (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)

The CI/CD approach ensures continuous automation and monitoring throughout the lifecycle of an application, from the integration and testing phases through to distribution and continuous implementation.
These practices are often referred to as the “CI/CD pipeline” and are based on agile collaboration between the development and operations teams.
Learn why even the smallest project merits its own CI/CD pipeline.

Align your Devs and Ops in a sustainable way in your organisation

The DevOps method is at the heart of software development practices in companies as it is the best guarantee of success for projects in a world where the security and availability of applications are more than ever at the heart of users’ concerns.

However, if the term “DevOps” is well-known today, the foundations of this practice, and its implementation in a sustainable manner within the teams, are not so well-known.

Opt for the DevOps method!

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Accelerate the Time To Market of your products and/or your new features


Optimise the quality of your application lifecycle and deliver with confidence

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Create more effective teams with a DevOps cultural model that focuses on collaboration and accountability

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Use automation to repeatedly and more efficiently manage your developments, and test and production environments

Our conviction: human beings are at the heart of the DevOps method

First and foremost, the aim of DevOps is to get all players to collaborate transparently and take responsibility for their contribution from start to finish, i.e. from production to collecting user feedback, including supervision, and securing and deploying components.

At Meritis, we believe that humans are key to a successful DevOps transformation and that is why we value both collaboration and soft skills, as well as training and technical skills acquisition.

Want to know more about DevOps?

Discover 5 DevOps best practices , our DevOps glossary, our resources and our blog.
Also read our White Paper on 6 keys for a successful DevOps approach!

Have a question about DevOps expertise or Data?

We were completely satisfied with the quality of Meritis consultants on a technical and human level, and their ability to enhance our teams’ skills to best meet our needs.

Meritis has shown a keen interest in our subjects and offers a genuine partnership approach.