Our CSR policy


Quality of life at work

Aligned with our 3rd position in the Great Place to Work 2020 ranking, we are convinced that it is important to work in a pleasant and respectful environment.

Therefore, we implement actions to:

  • Offer sustainable jobs and personalised career management
  • Promote equal opportunities, diversity, and balance between work and personal life

From these actions, we gain a strong sense of fairness among our teams.

For example, 98% of Meritis employees feel that they are treated fairly no matter what their gender is.


We have decided to stick to a policy in favour of diversity and to fight against any form of discrimination.

We implemented a diversity policy in 3 areas:

  • Employment and integration of people with disabilities,
  • Professional equality between women and men
  • Intergenerational diversity.

Gender equality

Gender Equality in the workplace is not obvious especially in the tech sector, which is generally male dominated. In 2021 we obtained a score of 94/100: a great mark that we aspire to improve every day.


It is important for us to continuously improve our practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

We work mainly on :

  • Recycling
  • Waste reduction
  • Minimising travel

We are also developing a policy of media dematerialization.

3000: the number of documents that are signed electronically each year at Meritis.

32,000: the number of disposable cups that are saved thanks to our reusable cup system.

Our labels and awards

Great Place to Work

Each year, since 2017, Meritis has been participating to Great Place to Work’s expertise, aiming to find out what all our employees think. In 2020, for the first time, Meritis entered the 250 to 1,000 employees’ companies’ category, and reached the 3rd place in the ranking! We owe this result to our everyday efforts but also to the strong participation of each Meritis employees, to whom we are extremely grateful.

To sum up:

  • 93% of employees say that Meritis is a great company to work for.
  • 90% are proud to say they work for the company.
  • 82% intend to work for the company for a long time.
  • 95% think the working atmosphere is pleasant.

These good results also enabled us to be ranked 11th in Europe in our category. We are very proud! For more information, please click here.


Each year, Meritis participates in the Ecovadis questionnaire, an independent agency that offers a service that evaluates companies’ CSR performance.

The Ecovadis rating is based on 4 themes:

  • The environment
  • Work and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable procurement

With an overall score of 71/100, Meritis ranks among the top 5% of companies rated by Ecovadis! By putting people at the center of all its actions, Meritis is committed to providing its employees with a caring and respectful working environment.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 certification measures the ability of companies to protect the information entrusted to them. ISO 27001 certification is internationally recognized certification. With the award of this certification at the beginning of 2021, Meritis confirms its commitment to its customers and employees.

“Our clients increasingly expect their partners to prove their ability to protect the information entrusted to them, particularly through audits and certifications, and one of these certifications is ISO 27001. It is therefore a true satisfaction for us to be part of the companies that have achieved this important security standard. It is also a good way to show that at Meritis, we care about the security of our internal data and those of our clients.”

Hervé Michelland, head of Information Systems Security at Meritis.

United Nations Global Compact

Meritis is highly commited to be as socially responsible and sustainable as possible. Every year, we support and promote the 10 universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact, covering human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Corporate Parenthood Charter

At Meritis, we based our HR policy on proximity with our collaborators. We have signed the Parenthood Charter because we want to create a favorable environment for our collaborators who are parents.

Our commitments and partners

In addition to the labels and awards that we received, we also work with companies and associations that help us achieve our CSR objectives.

Our partners

  • Cèdre-Elise : recycling
  • La Ruche: supplies purchase
  • Vivre Autrement : reusable cups cleaning, business cards printing, posters,…
  • Restos du Cœur : food collection
  • Rejoué : toys for children collection
  • Un toit pour les abeilles: protection and development of bees.
  • SolidaCamaroun: clothes donation and financing of a bench for a school. This partnership was built with one of our consultants.

Because it is important for us to support students, we also sponsor student sports associations, such as ENSEIRB, ENSIMAG, IMT Atlantique…

Volunteering skills

In September 2019, we launched the volunteering of skills for associations, for one day or half a day per month. We have set up these actions with three associations: France Alzheimer, Restos du Coeur and Petit Bagage d’Amour.