Head office team

Business Engineers

The primary mission of a Business Engineer is to manage a client portfolio. His/her objective is to maintain a very high level of work quality for his/her clients and ensure a daily follow-up of his/her consultants’ missions.

Business Engineers proactively find missions that best match the consultants’ skills and expectations.

They also work with the HR team with regard to the recruitment, follow-up and support of consultants. They are also authorities on missions and careers.

HR & Recruitment

The recruitment team works to identify candidates who best match the expected skills and share the company’s values.
The HR team personally supports employees throughout their careers whether at the point of mission follow-up or through various coaching sessions.
The recruitment officers play a dual role: support and follow-up consultants on assignments, and recruiting new talents.


Our technology communities, veritable in-house research and skills centres, develop an ecosystem that encourages the sharing of expertise and initiative-taking within the company.

The leaders of these communities come to the headquarters once a week, regularly taking on the role of trainer, recruiter, editor and mentor!