Being agile means being responsive and alert. Applying agile principles means giving yourself the means to quickly deliver a solution to your users, as well as continuously improving the solution.

The benefits

In a constantly developing environment, an agile approach provides practical responses to the challenges faced by companies caused by pressure from regulators, technological developments and the expectation to provide the best customer experience.

V-Model for project management and Waterfall for collecting customer requirements, including defining the technical specifications and delivery one month later, has its limitations.

We believe that the Time To Market (TTM) optimisation law must become widespread. The more a company can reduce its TTM, the more agile it becomes. However, beyond the pressing need for profitability, agility must combine continuous adaptation (to address constraints and the reality) and prospection (creativity and understanding users).

Our beliefs

We are convinced that agile methods and practices are the best solution for testing out new ideas and delivering solutions rapidly.

There are countless benefits for all project contributors:

  • companies can better target project financing
  • product teams can make adjustments in almost real time in line with requests
  • development teams have more independence and can apply continuous improvement methods through successive iterations

We want to go even further with our multidisciplinary teams by integrating agility from the very start of an idea through to the prototype stage to solve the most impactful problems through agility and crafts-wo-manship.

We also believe that getting the product to users as soon as possible saves time (= money) and energy.

Our methods

  1. Scrum for everyoneWe ask all our team members to get Scrum certified as soon as they join us.
  2. WorkshopsBecause practice makes perfect, we offer Design Sprint co-construction workshops for original ideas and actual cases. Participants get to discover and understand the various Sprint roles, and actively take part in creating a prototype to be tested with users. Client and user feedback is a gift.
  3. Learning BoxesMeritis’ Learning Boxes contain a range of learning pathways, training resources, quizzes and frequently asked questions making it simple for anyone to explore, gain proficiency or get certified. Consult our Learning Boxes now and get Scrum Master certification. Our communities of experts will be on hand to help you succeed.

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