Since the late 2000s, the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto has redefined the developer profession. It builds on the Agile Manifesto by valuing the same level of flexibility, and code writing and designing requirements, as in the development cycles. Developers take more responsibility for the quality of their work, involvement and development. They become pillars of their team, are committed to creating value and quality, as well as sharing their expertise and different points of view.

The benefits of craftsmanship

Software development is producing more and more software, more and more quickly. Today’s requirements need more than just one type of operational software; software needs to be well designed and able to adapt to change while constantly adding value.

The software craftsmanship philosophy focuses on the expertise, personal skills and involvement of each developer in the team. This creates a virtuous circle that encourages sharing, learning, skills development, software quality, and increases Time To Market reliability thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Ouf beliefs

We believe that the Craftsmanship method creates a virtuous circle of good practices and new skills that make Time To Market, product quality and customer satisfaction more reliable.

Professional developers must be software crafts-wo-men, i.e. in permanent training and supported by an ever growing community.

We support our collaborators in this through training sessions, code quality workshops, and exercises that allow them to experiment with good practices in their own way (Git, Docker, TDD, etc.).

Our methodology

  1. Writing testsQuality code is first and foremost testable and well-tested code. Writing tests means that you get to be the first user of the code, which increases your understanding of the requirements.
  2. Writing codeYou only get to be a developer by developing! The best way to learn and acquire new skills is by DOING.
  3. Peer-reviewed codeThe code you produce ultimately becomes the team’s code, so reviewing the code raises the skills of everyone in the team; this requires a very special skill – being EGOLESS! (It’s also a smart way to fix any bugs before the merge!)

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